Australian Man Plays Hide-And-Seek, Gets Stuck In Washing Machine

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It happened again.

For the second time in less than a week, someone has gotten stuck in a washing machine playing a game of hide-and-seek.

A 20-year-old Australian man got stuck in a top-load washing machine Saturday in the hopes of scaring his girlfriend, BBC reports.

He was also naked.

The man, who remains unidentified, was stuck for 20 minutes in his Mooroopna home as firefighters, paramedics and a search-and-rescue team came to his aid.

Rescuers were eventually able to free the man by lubing him up with olive oil.

They greased him up until he was free,” Sgt. Tim Gleeson told Sky News Australia.

The man suffered no injuries, with the possible exception of a bruised ego.

“It would be fair to say the gentleman was very embarrassed,” Shepparton police Sgt. Michelle De Araugo told Agence-France Press.

On Friday, an 11-year-old Utah girl made headlines after a similar ordeal. The girl, who did not want to be identified out of embarrassment, was playing hide-and-seek when she got stuck in the machine for 90 minutes. Firefighters were eventually able to pry her out.

“She really wanted to win,” the girl’s mother said.

Despite needing help from authorities, these two pioneers of hide and seek should be admired for their commitment to hiding.