You Won’t Believe What Police Found Shoved Up Suspect’s Bum


Police in Pennsylvania arrested a suspected teenage drink driver, only to make an “unusual find”, as a mountain of buried treasure was discovered up the suspect’s bum.

Police found the seemingly intoxicated Christopher Scheller, 18, near his car after it crashed into a tree in Southern York County early in December.

Officers had not suspected Scheller of any further naughty behaviour as they had found no junk in his trunk.

However, WHTM-TV reports that when Scheller was sent to hospital for an examination, doctors decided it would be wise to take an X-ray as the teen was in an unusual degree of discomfort.

The image turned up “an abnormality”.

Scheller refused to have the objects removed. He would be fine, he insisted.

When the pain became so great, more than he could bear, he consented to being placed on the surgeon’s table, and the surgeons made a discovery they are sure to tell their children’s children.

Here’s what they found:
– Four bracelets
– Four necklaces
– 11 ladies rings
– A socket wrench
– A bag of synthetic marijuana

On investigating the objects, police found out that the items had that evening been stolen from a house in Heidelberg Township.

Scheller, desperate to conceal the evidence upon the arrival of police at the scene of his accident, tried to stash the items. Apparently, the first place he thought of was up his bum.

He was subsequently charged with theft, receiving stolen property and driving while under the influence.