Oghiadomhe’s Kinsmen Jubilate Over Removal As Chief Of Staff


The purported removal of Chief Mike Oghiadomhe as President Goodluck Jonathan’s Chief of Staff on Monday has been received with wild jubilation in Fugar, the administrative headquarters of Etsako Central local government area of Edo State.

Oghiadomhe’s town people including market women went into frenzy as they danced around the community centre when news filtered in that the Chief of Staff had been sacked.

The former Chief of Staff had in his resignation letter to the president cited his interest in seeking political office in his home state of Edo as reason for his resignation.

But his kinsmen cared less for the reason he gave as they hailed President Jonathan for taking the decision to relieve Oghiadomhe of his job.

According to them, Oghiadomhe, who has been President Jonathan’s Chief of Staff for the past six years, did not attract any meaningful development to the area since his appointment.

They argued that the only visible legacy in the community was brought by the former Chief of General Staff, late Admiral Mike Okhai Akhigbe.

“We are happy when we heard the news. Of what relevant is Oghiadomhe to Fugar people whom he has neglected? Rather he used his position to oppress and intimidate our poor people. Look at what late Akhigbe has done for us. Instead of Oghiadomhe to bring development to the area, he preferred to keep enmity with a man who brought him to reckoning in Edo State. For us, it is a welcome development”, they said.


  1. The God of all and providence had allowed Chief Mike Oghiadomhe alias Okakagbe. We need to be thoughtful as we comment on Chief Mike Oghiadomhe relationship with his King’s men. He tried his best. Everyone of us in Nigeria is struggling for survival. Mike Oghiadomhe misunderstanding with Mike Okhai Akhigbe may not be what he want or craved. The teeth often bit the tongue. So, it is not deliberate. Let’s forget about such past misgivings. Mike Akhigbe was instrumental in the original influence of Chief Mike Oghiadomhe into becoming the Deputy Governor of Edo state. That is great. One thing I notice in my life observation no one always want to be lord it over. If you assist anyone get into power you allow him to enjoy his glory. Don’t pride it over him hence he will shun you out. Everyone need it on full fledged. Be subservient is a lot of menace. It is one thing to take the camel to the water it is another for the camel to do the necessary. Let us think of the way forward.

  2. It is absolute wickedness for men to continue the way we do in this part of the world. Chief Mike Oghiadomhe gave good employment to so many Fugarian that I know be names, discipline, house and names. Some as Lecturers, Custom Officers, Bankers and they are doing well. Jubilation at his resignation is uncalled for. It simply revealed ingratitude which will not help the community at large. Why should people fold hands and club around town and expect mana to fall from heaven. Those who were prepared and available were captured. I am in my Location here in Lagos yet the few things I learnt about the man this time was alot of good. In Nigeria nowadays somebody is having food before him eating while swallowing some lop of eba you see them making noise crying hunger.

  3. It is my sincere and utmost wish and appeal to Chief Mike Oghiadomhe to continue with his good will toward all in Fugar. Even God Almighty had challenges with the nation of Israel that He chose. They disappointed Him severally yet He kept forgiving them. We have peace in letting go offences. Unbehalf of the entire community of Etsako Central which you represent in the highest polical office held by anyone in Edo State in Nigeria as far as Political affairs concern says you should take it with your best matured mind. Continue your good aspirations