Photos of Nigerian Gay Activists Kissing & Protesting at Nigerian Embassy, London


PRO gay activists under the umbrella body of LGBTI (Members of the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals and Inter-sex) in the Diaspora held a peaceful rally yesterday February 20th outside the Nigerian High Commission, London, to protest the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act signed into law by President Jonathan.

The coordinator of the protest Davis Mac-Iyalla said he knows a few Nigerian leaders who are gays and lesbians “I know at least seven in both the Senate and House of Reps. They are in the minority and it will be wrong of me to mention their names, but they are there”

Some of the homosexual men even kissed in front of the embassy during the protest. Lol. See more photos after the cut.

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  • Cursed pple. We ar proud of Nigeria nd our president. I promise u dos practicing gay wl be arrested anytime any day,better come nd pack urselves 2 dat land of sodom n Gomorrah. Idiots

  • i hate the law and that country Nigeria, I was once in the same role when thy wanted me death after killing my partner in front of my daddy conpound i wad lucky to run for my own life,why killing us and jailing people that choose to be what they want to.14years in prison i vow i will never return to that evil land nigeria

  • been gay is what you choose that is not the problems of that country call Nigeria many have ran away from their life,home and they no the situation of there family any more I choose to be and that is what i am.fork law fork the leaders,many like counselor,senator govenor they are gay lesbians and nothing happen to the they are the people pocing this law in nigeria because they are on top and in powers.

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