Why Security Operatives Can’t Win The War Against Boko Haram

Boko Haram terrorists

Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima highlighted reasons why the country’s security operatives are finding it hard to win the war against insurgency in Nigeria;s Northeast.

Shettima, who spoke with State House Correspondents after meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan on the latest attacks by the terrorist sect at Izge in Gwoza Local government of the state, Monday noted that members of terrorist sect, Boko Haram, were better armed than the security operatives expected to smoke them out. He added that they are also better motivated by their financiers to continue wreaking havoc on the nation.

The governor said it was high time political leaders are held responsible for whatever happens to lives and property in the domain.

file: victims of Boko Haram attack
file: victims of Boko Haram attack

“What we are being confronted with is that we are in a state of war. It is what I came to update Mr. President, the sooner we stopped playing the ostrich and rise up to the challenges of the day, and marshall all resources towards neutralising the antics of Boko haram, the better for all of us.

“But the bottom line is that we need more resources, more boot on ground. In all fairness to the officers and men of the Nigerian Army and Police, they are doing their best given the circumstances they have found themselves in. But honestly Boko Haram are better armed and are better motivated than our own troops. And believe me, I am an eternal optimist as I have always said but I am also a realist. Given the present state of affairs, it is absolutely impossible for us to defeat Boko Haram,” he said.