Free Train Passengers Attack Traders, Drivers In Lagos


Some passengers hanging on a moving train unleashed terror on passers-by, bus drivers and traders close to the railway line at Agege on Saturday, pelting their victims with stones, sticks and other objects.

Some of the traders whose goods were destroyed also sustained injuries, just as commercial vehicles were vandalised.

A man who said he was on the way to work was hit by a stone in the head.

“We never had any inkling that this kind of an incident would occur today. In fact, we didn’t have a problem with these passengers even though they always hang illegally on the train,” Tayo Oni, a commercial driver, who plies Agege and the Toll-Gate area of Ogun state, told PM news.

“They had been attacking people in the past, but it was not like this. While riding on the train, they would sometimes throw empty cans of drinks at people, but today’s attack is serious,” a tricycle operator whose windshield was broken said.

“How do I find the money to buy another windshield now?” He asked.

The plot by the free train passengers to attack people in the area began on Thursday, when officers of the Nigeria Police stormed the area and arrested some of them.

A police figsaid some officers witnessed the incident and were in contact with the state police command to help forestall any breakdown of law and order.