Boko Haram: Two Women Fleeing Attacks Give Birth In bush

Boko-Haramimages.jpgTwo women running from the recent Boko Haram attack on Buni Gari town, Yobe State, in which no fewer than 20 worshippers were killed in a Mosque on Saturday, have reportedly delivered their babies in the bush, an eyewitness has said.

An aged woman, who identified herself as Falmata, disclosed that they were running inside the bush when the pregnant women went into labour and later delivered.

“It was terrible my son. The sounds of the gunshots were just too much to bear. As if it was in front of our house. We started running to the bush when we observed that the boys were burning houses. As we were running, other women joined us. Two of them even delivered inside the bush”, Falmata disclosed.

Falmata and her sister Lubabatu, who was holding a three weeks old baby were trying to move out of the town when The NATION correspondent caught up with them.

Lubabatu under the scorching sun with her baby, stated that she has not drank water nor taken food since the attack occurred.

Falmata lamented that moving away from Buni Gari was also a problem because they have no means of getting out.


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