I Admire Ladies With ‘Hot’ Cleavages – Regina Chukwu Reveals

regina chukwu

Nollywood actress, Regina Chukwu opened up recently to Sun Newspapers on her sense of style and the most prominent accessories in her wardrobe.

According to the beautiful actress, “cleavage adds to a lady’s beauty. It makes us more elegant.”

Read excerpts from the interview below:

What is your sense of style?

My sense of style is simplicity. I don’t like complicity that usually brings confusion to someone’s ensemble.

What does it take to look good?

I will say it takes a good sleep, good mood and nice combination of clothes and accessories. If you are not in good mood and not sleeping well, no matter the kind of accessories or clothes you wear, your beauty won’t come out.

How best do you like to dress? 

I like dressing casually. As I said earlier, I love simplicity.

What is your best colour?

My best colours are purple, lemon, yellow and red. Basically, I love bright colours.

What are your best accessories? 

Wristwatches are my best accessories.

Who is your best designer? 

I’m not really into that, having special designers, or looking for big name designers. When I see anything I like even on the street, I just go for it. It is the fit that matters.

How many pairs of shoes can one find in your wardrobe?

I have more than 20 pairs.

How many belts can you boast of? 

I have 10.

Which are your most expensive belt or shoes?

I can’t say for sure.

What is the total worth of your shoes and belts? 

Haaaa, total worth? I never took my time to value them.

What is your most expensive accessory? 

My Louis Vuitton bag.

What type of perfume do you use? 

I like strong scented perfumes. So, I go for men perfumes.

Do you mix perfumes like some people do? 

Yes, I do. I can mix like four at once. The reason is that I don’t like people to easily detect the kind of perfume I am wearing.

What is your take on cleavage?

Cleavage adds to a lady’s beauty. It makes us more elegant. When I see a lady with a hot cleavage, I admire her.

What is the fashion item you can’t do without?

The fashion item I can’t do without is my make-up kit. When it comes to fashion, looking good is the word for me.


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