Boko Haram: What’s Happening In North, ‘Pure Madness’ Says Chief Of Defence Staff

Air-Marshal-Alex-BadehThe Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh yesterday assured that the military would not disappoint Nigerians by getting back the school girls abducted from a government school in Borno State by Boko Haram gunmen. He, however, said efforts to rescue them might be hampered because the use of force might not achieve the desired result.

The Defence Chief, who spoke while receiving board members of the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency in Abuja (NOSDRA), said: “What is happening in our country, most especially in northern Nigeria, is pure madness, and we are killing the future of that region. It’s a pity. All of us here should sympathise with those of us who come from that region.

“We are hoping and while we are fighting, we are also praying so that we can get over this madness. It is unfortunate that those girls were kidnapped. It is not about the number that really matters but the fact is; peoples’ children have been kidnapped.

“We can’t go with our armoury to where they are; otherwise, we will go and kill them. If you go and kill them, then, you will not have achieved anything. But I know we will get those girls. I know we will get them”, he stressed.

Badeh assured the delegation that the defence ministry would support the agency in its fight against oil spill in the country.

The NOSDRA delegation was led by its Board Chairman, Major Lancelot Ayanya (rtd).


  1. The problems of the North today are caused by some powerful Cabals who have vowed to make the Government of President Jonathan ungovernable.Until the three Governors of the North-East states are removed and Military Administration put in place there can never be peace in this states.Why?Because,Boko harams are part of the Government in this states.God save Nigeria!