Japanese Teenager Brushes His Teeth With REAL Automatic Gun in Bizarre Daredevil Stunt


A daredevil Japanese teenager has shot into the lead for the stupidest stunt of the year – by brushing his teeth with a live gun.

In a series of agonising clips, the youngster – going by the name tokioFN on YouTube – neatly applies toothpaste to his brush before attaching it to several guns.

Once the toothbrush is firmly attached, he fires the weapons – which makes the whole contraption perform a violent brushing motion.

The teenager appears to be visibly pained on more than one occasion, as the recoil of the gun blasts the toothbrush into his mouth.

His latest antics involving the rifle have earned him almost 80,000 views on Youtube.

Fortunately, however, the gun was pointed away from the foolhardy teen as he pulled the trigger – meaning that the worst pain he can expect is some toothache.