Nyanya Park To Be Relocated – Official

scene_nyanya_pixSequel to the bomb explosions that rocked Nyanya twice in three weeks, the Chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, Micah Jiba, said on Friday that the Nyanya Motor Park would soon be relocated “somewhere else”.

He, however, declined to give further details.

Mr. Jiba said the relocation was one of the measures being taken to address the challenge.

“I want to tell you that very soon; we will relocate this park to somewhere else.

“My appeal to the people who are behind this bombing is that they should stop it, they should be their brothers’ keeper”, he said.

It would be recalled that no fewer than 19 people died from an explosion near the park on Thursday night. Two weeks earlier, on April 14, at least 75 people died from a car bomb explosion at the park.


  1. Relocation is not the solution for now but curbing this menace is suppose to be our priority.This is a clear indication that we have surrendered to the insurgents.How are we sure they will not visit the new site which we don’t pray for.It shows some kinds of imcompetency on the part of our leaders.Baba kare Ebora Owu he would have put end into their activities.

  2. Who is dis man dat all he can think abt is relocating the park !! Sometym I think this administration is nt for nigerians… We better think fast before this men on power who can not take responsibility split dis country… What do thy take our life for??? Thy think we pack of sadin and we don’t care abt our life anymore…. They wat to move d park to where.. Wat abt dos dat lost der life in dis same park …we livin close to yanyan our security if all u think is run.. If u guys cannot keep yanyan pack secure or think for a way to make it safe.. I hate leaders runner away from their problem.. If u think its to run away and dot want to loss the power to someone who is fit 4 d job… Men I jst dey vex…