Boko Haram Wants To Instigate Religious Violence In Nigeria – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday said Boko Haram’s attacks on churches in villages near Chibok, Borno, on Sunday were attempts to instigate religious violence in the country.

A statement issued by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr Reuben Abati, in Abuja, said Jonathan received reports of the attacks with dismay and consternation.

“I urge all lovers of peace and unity to wholly condemn the resurgence of efforts by agents of global terrorism to disunite and destabilise Nigeria by callously instigating violence among religious groups.

“The President shares the view of the most learned Islamic leaders and scholars that no true Muslim will resort to the mindless killing of innocent people’’, it said.

According to the statement, no true Muslims at any time, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, will redress any perceived grievance.

It expressed the President’s belief that the attacks and other similar atrocities by Boko Haram showed that its leaders and members were misguided persons who used religion to commit crimes.

“Jonathan urged Nigerians, irrespective of their religious beliefs, to resist the new attempt by Boko Haram to undermine their support for the armed forces.

“He reaffirmed the resolve of Federal Government and security agencies to intensify ongoing efforts to rid the country of terrorists.

“The president assures all Nigerians that the Federal Government and security agencies will continue to intensify efforts to end Boko Haram’s senseless attacks.

“He commiserates with the families and churches that lost loved ones, members and places of worship during Sunday’s attacks’’, the statement said. [NAN]


  1. my honourable president.i like u but sometime u behaved like woman!how can say that ang janoo muslem can not kill innocent humanbeeing.i thouhht u went to school?have u forgoten the histry of islam the religion that fights for their god!it may be that they have finish wooing u into believe that they stand stand for peace.,if they stand for peace what will u say of xtianity who indours abuse of their religion and keep on believing their God?i can now see why u have problem in this seat,let me tell u i know muslems more than u they are smart just like their father the devil stop believing them the animals they have is more value to them than u as xtian.take look at boko haram’s acts,they have been burning and bombing churches how many mosqe had they bombed with people inside?we should stop fooling our selves the amalgamation was by force and therefore it can not stand let us go our seprate ways!two can not livetogather onless they agree,u politicians should stop taking us for granted.enough of this insult.

  2. Jona;na craze d worry you….How many mosque have been bombed since the boko haram saga began…..their evil quran said they should kill all pegans in a holywar(Jihad)….their quran adviced they waste human life….why are u belivin’ those islamic demons…..they dnt stand for peace…check through out history they have killed other religons to either take over kingdoms or nations…..if any tru islmaist tells you his religon is the way of peace he lies……

  3. I can see dt something is wrong wit u Emaka or what do u call urself, why won’t d christian believe mr president,How many time ve u hard or see the Boko enter into Mosque to slunter or Bomb them on friday.