End Time Pants: Would You Wear These C-String?


Some crazes are brief but these briefs are just crazy!

Forget the G-string, the latest thing to be seen in is the C-string… and there really is not much to it.

Looking more like a headband, the briefest of fronts tapers to a wire that tucks between your cheeks and, ahem, holds everything together.

Men are buying them in droves for their wives and girlfriends as an alternative to sensible granny pants.

Women, it has to be said, are not so smitten.


One wrote on a forum: “It either bent from shipping or is of very poor quality.

“It is very uncomforable. The fabric is almost like swimsuit material, very weird.

“It doesn’t stay in place. Can’t see wearing this for more than 2 minutes. Don’t waste your money … this product is worthless.”

Her views have been echoed by women columnists around the world, some of whom road-tested the garment and came away more than a little miffed.

One labelled it ‘the worst thing ever to happen to women’s undergarments … and possibly humanity.’

Funnily, men can’t see anything wrong with the C-string and have sang its praises online in a series of posts.

One husband wrote online: “My wife didn’t like it very much – but I loved it!”

The poor man could be in for a surprise himself when his wife realises there is a male version as well… which makes Borat in a mankini look positively overdressed.


The makers of the C-string say it comes in a variety of colours, textiles and patterns and you customise by bending the wire to make it fit better.

It is on sale on sites like Amazon. There has been speculation that Kendall Jenner might have been one of the first to wear a C-string in public after her appearance at the MMVA last weekend.

She turned heads with an eye-popping dress dramatically cut on both sides above her hips, revealing acres of flesh and leading to speculation she was knickerless.

After seeing the C-string, one American commentator said: “Thank God we solved that mystery”.



  1. The C string is craziness. It covers nothing. It is more like wearing nothing. It is not what can be displayed outside. Not an out thing. May be something for couple in private for seduction or sexual appetizer.

  2. Why has the world degenerated so much that all we see now is advertising female pride (women private parts) all in the name of products. Even musicians sell nothing other than naked women why? This madness of the highest order

  3. Hmmm, what is d world turning into? From G-string to C-String, maybe in no distant time it will be just String! God have mercy on this our generation, cos civilization is becoming madness and d way tins r going, we may have to call sodom and gomora saints as compared to the present generation!

  4. Aru! Things has indeed fallen apart. The dignity of women now have been floored and degenerated to stupidious menancity. I weep, infact I wail; because I can’t see a ray of hope to the remedy of these decadence. The institutions established to curb these kind of adultrous sights now turns to be the tools of which the evil agenda of the beast in been propagated. I weep, I wail; for even those whom their pride is stolen, know it not. They pride themselves in a prideless venture, and in their thoughts thinks that they have honour and applauds of the 21st century. Well, I have bad news for them: “They shall rot in hell, those who remain unrepented”. That is my say!

  5. Posting such a thing might be to seduce/ advertise, more than to inform the healthy mind about the degeneration of the world.
    Pictures of real women who are almost naked- PORNOGRAPHIC!
    If it is to inform us and pictures must be used, it should be pictures of inanimate objects (like plastic models etc).
    Those posting and the administrator(s) of this site should do things in a way that it will not look as if they are trying to lure those who get information from this site into seeing unhealthy things.

    May God save the world from evil.

  6. Of a truth, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that the manufacturing of these pants is from the of hell and the aim is to take many to hell. These daughters of Jezebel, what they have in common is that they are doing their masters bidding.

  7. Am speechless but I just have to say that this is end time, and at any time rapture will take place, so we should expect even the worse of all to happen. “Satan is looking for more candidate of hell that will suffer with him in hell” my dear pls don’t be one.

  8. damn wat of type shit is this girls are u sure u gon wear such things… oh blessed lord.. its really end time..where is dis world heading blindly to.. this c string or she string or whatever it is shuld be banned in this our country coz this white men always want to affect us negatively i know its right for them but we need no such things in our country plz… disgusting

  9. Women have become the main source of problems in this world, there would most likely be more women in hell than men. They just want to go publicly naked at all cost. Who says you must wear a bikini at a beach? do you swim in the sea? They are actively working for the devil and they passionately hate being warned or corrected. Heaven is really not cheap. It’s takes a serious battle to enter in. Women break out now from the devil’s army, and please God. May God have mercy.

  10. I don’t see anything good in displaying pussy,which has become a priority for most industries nowadays, pussy naturally dirty, so women should understand this,forget when is being washed and shaved it looks as if there is something special in there, it is called private part women should handle it privately, there Notting good and interesting in showcasing it to the world.

  11. I don’t see anything good in displaying pussy,which has become a priority for most industries nowadays, pussy is naturally dirty it is disgusting to see , so women should understand fact,forget when is being washed and shaved it looks as if there is something special in there, it is called private part women should handle it privately, there Notting good and interesting in showcasing it to the world.

  12. I think with all these nefarious act we are experiencing nowadays the likes of Gay/Lesbianism,Man dressing OR wearing what belongs to a woman & vice-versa,seductive & indecent dressing especially by women (The most honourable sex by their Creator).All these aforementioned are placing emphacies on the devine prophecy of almost all the Prophets.
    For we that are still thinking upright and having paradise to be our priority,the only thing we need to achieve our aims is to just keep off from all these ungodly acts & trade.


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