Visually Impaired Man Arrested For Defiling Minor

A visually impaired middle-aged man, identified as Kingsley Anyanwu is under probe by the Lagos State Police Command after he was alleged to have defiled a 12-year-old girl (names withheld).

The incident occurred at the residence of the suspect, 32, Mosalasi Street, Maza-Maza bus stop on Friday, June 20, when Kingsley Anyanwu s*xually abused the victim by forcefully having canal knowledge of her inside his bedroom, thereby inflicting serious bruises on the victim’s private part,Vanguard reports.

It was learnt that the victim started residing with the family early January this year in a three-bedroom apartment after she was introduced to Kingsley’s sister, Maurine, a staff of one of the new generation banks located at Oba Akran.

According to reports, the victim was until the unfortunate incident a housemaid to Kingsley Anyanwu’s old mother.

Trouble, however, started after Kingsley’s wife went to work. The suspect allegedly asked her to come to his bedroom, supposedly to help him read out a message on his phone.

“Immediately I entered his room, he grabbed me, forcefully removed my pants and raped me,” the victim said.

Vanguard gathered that the victim escaped from the house when the suspect allegedly attempted to rape her the second time.

She later ran to a nearby church where she stayed till the next day. Confused and afraid to go back home, she sat by the roadside when the landlord of the house where she was sexually abused saw her and took her back home.

After receiving the beating of her life for running out of the house, the suspect and his sister allegedly returned her to her aunt residing in Ikeja on the pretext that she was wasting food.

Victim aunt’s account
“I received a call from Mrs. Maurine on Saturday that they were bringing back my niece because she was wasting food and that she ran out of the house.

“On Sunday, Mrs. Maurine brought her home. When she left, I questioned my niece, it was then she opened up that Uncle Kingsley sexually abused her.

“Immediately I took her to Adeniyi Jones, Primary Healthcare Centre. After medical examination the medical officer confirmed that she was raped. The report confirmed bruises I saw in her private part. The medical officer issued a referral slip to LASUTH.” [Vanguard]