18,000 Unemployed Graduates To Benefit From Sure-P Internship Scheme

Over 180, 000 unemployed graduates across the country are to benefit from the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme, SURE-P, Graduate Internship Scheme, GIS, this year.

Project Director of the GIS, Mr. Peter Papka made this known yesterday, at a one-day Sensitisation and Internship Opportunities Fair, held in Makurdi, the Benue State capital.

Papka said over 7,000 firms had already signed up with the GIS “to take on interns in their respectable firms for over a period of 12 months while the Federal Government pays a monthly stipend of N30,000 to the interns.

“Our expectation is that during the graduate’s internship, he/she is expected to acquire professional skills, training and work experience to improve their job-placement opportunities while participating institutions are also expected to provide adequate opportunities for on the job training and mentoring.”

In his speech, the Convener of the SURE-P’s Community Service Women and Youth Employment, CSWYE, Sub-Committee of the GIS, Mr. Audu Maikori said the programme annually provides 50,000 employment opportunities for jobless Nigerian graduates.

“The issue of unemployment is a subject we are all familiar with in this country and statistics have also shown that about 300,000 Nigerians graduate from the university yearly into the labour market with little or no job opportunities.

“We are happy to announce to you that in a bid to engaging more unemployed graduates all over the country, some states in the country have not only indicated interest in the scheme, but that as of today, 11 states in the country have approached us requesting for over 13,000 unemployed graduates to be deployed in the various states for the GIS programme.” [Vanguard]


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  2. u guys are squandering money in the name of sensitization tour, when it is obvious that you are only enriching your pockets. Stop deceiving Nigerians that GIS sure-p is empowering youth. The truth is that the program is only being used to enriched some few individuals at the corridors of power.

    Tell me what happens to the GIS interns or your plans for the GIS interns after the one year. Honestly speaking you dont have any plans for them and yet your are shouting that 180,000 youth will be employed.

    What you do is to take these youth from their comfort zon

  3. Heard something over the radio that sure p is recruiting youth to be trained.
    However, the information was not clear enough to me, so I had logged on to the website with the hope to get the right information but couldn’t see.
    According to what I heard over the radio, it was time bound.
    Can some one please help me because I need to get the full details.

  4. please when is the next phase of sure-p internship recruitment/placement is coming up. What are the application procedures because I have been trying the sure-p application website/platform but all to noavail. Thanks in anticipation.