Group Condemns Death Penalty On Soldiers For Mutiny

A group in Bayelsa Sate, Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO), has described as “double standard” and “a national disservice,” the death sentence passed on 12 soldiers of the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army in Maiduguri, Borno State, who were found guilty of mutiny.

The group therefore called on the military authority to review the sentence or face a coordinated protest from civil society groups and the entire people of the six geo-political zones of the country.

In a statement by its Chairman, Chief Nengi James, the CLO said “though the Nigerian Army has once again shown its posture and intolerance for acts of indiscipline by its officers and men, the death sentence pronounced against the 12 soldiers over alleged mutiny and insubordination was a disservice to the nation at this time of security challenges.”

It noted that the controversy trailing the retirement of the former General Officer Commanding, GOC, Major General Abubakar Mohammed was a further provocation to the troops and the purportedly convicted soldiers.

“The action of the military authority lacks better judgment and a poor signal to the remaining troops at the war front against the Boko Haram insurgents.”


  1. No sodiers should be killed for any mutiny by the way was the oga right in what he does that make them to comitts the act? the govt.Should intervain and spair the 12 sodiers life or face the mother of all protest that can joaperdise the forth coming election,we re still murning our galant sodiers who were killed by the islamic blood sucking sodiers they called bokoharam,now another boko haram in nigeria army want to kill our 12 sodiers” for what? if they try it i will against them and the military will know no peace again untill the pharohs of this country lets the israelite go noncense.

  2. if federal Government allowed such a things to happen to our soldiers I will count his fuck up for him….
    imagine those that are endangering and sacrofice their lives all in the name to secure and protect the lives of Nigerian most especially Top politicians, now they want to sentence them to death. God forbid! that will not happen unless they want Nigeria to be a disorganize, disunity,and ungovernable….. President jonathan, u better inter vain or else I will count the fuck of this country.
    useless of General commander Officer bury your head in shame.

  3. They shouldn’t be killed first take them to psychiatric hospital to find out what wrong, if something is wrong, they should follow up the treatment till they’re well so that future attacks on their boss would’t happened. They’re trained soldiers as such a trained soldiers to raised arm against their commander there is something wrong somewhere. By killing them won’t help the Nigerian Army because if what to them that made to raised arm against their boss happened to other soldiers in future theymay not be fortunate enough to escape death. I strong advised that what motivated the said soldiers to shout on their commander should be properly investigated against future occurrence instead of killing the said soldiers. more so, this soldiers are animals but human being like the said commanders, perhaps the fault was from the part of the said commanders and the 12 soldiers. They should be spared hence the said commanders are alive. –saint A.K. –Italy.

  4. I now understand why the military must not be in power and why our politicians also must learn to conduct themselves sensibly. Killing these fine soldiers is not the solution to the ingrained rot in the military. If Aki and Paupau (I don’t think I got those names right, and I don’t even give a dam if I did) these courageous soldiers need to be honored. Soldiers don’t turn guns on their officers. If they did, something must be fundamentally wrong. Don’t kill these men, but Maj Gen Muhamed what he did so wrong to be so treated.