Military Mum Tries To Drown Her Toddler After Being Told Of Deployment


A so-called “mother” from Arizona who was serving in the Air Force has been charged with attempting to drown her 20-month-old toddler. She wanted to drown her baby after she was informed she was going to be deployed to Turkey, but wouldn’t be able to take the 20-month-old baby girl with her.

The woman’s name is Phoeteama Janiece Neal and she is only 28-years-old, and was stationed at Luke Air Force Base on the 31st of August when she was told she would be sent overseas.

Even though she tried to murder her baby, she reached out to a judge before the incident to see if she could take her daughter with her. She was denied custody of the baby girl and the judge informed her the custody of her child would be given to her baby’s father.

Phoeteama continued to fight for her baby and asked her Air Force Commander if she could be excused from deployment because of her daughter.

She was then informed that the Air Force would let her know as soon as possible, but didn’t respond to her fast enough. Her request will more than likely be ignored because what she tried to do to her daughter was so evil.

Phoeteama called 911 and had a major meltdown telling the dispatcher: “I just drowned my baby. She’s drowned.” When the police arrived to the crime scene, they say they found Phoeteama holding the baby girl, who happened to be extremely wet.

The 911 dispatchers were able to resuscitate the girl, but she is currently in critical condition at a local hospital. The doctors told police she has less than a one percent chance of surviving the drowning.

Phoeteama was arrested and charged with attempted murder. The father is also in the military and is currently stationed at an Air Force Base out of state. Prayers are definitely going up!

Why would she drown her baby if she obviously cared enough to try to keep her?