Oh dear! 8-year-old boy playing with fire dies after friends mistake gasoline for water

Three young boys who were playing with fire, caused a huge tragedy when one friend became trapped inside a burning shed.

Savvas Yianasmidis was playing in a shed with his friends, who are all 8 years old.

One of the boys dared the others to light a piece of paper on fire. He allegedly offered $100 to anyone brave enough to light the fire.

 One of the boys set fire to the paper and the flames began spreading. In an attempt to stop the flames, the boy grabbed a can, which he thought contained water.

However, the container had gasoline and caused the flames to explode. Two boys quickly jumped over the flames and escaped.

Sadly, Yianasmidis was afraid to jump over the hot flames and was killed. Firefighters put out the flames, but were unable to save the child. The fire was ruled accidental.

– YJ News