Pedophile Molested 2-Months-Old Baby In California


It kills me to believe that our tax dollars are going towards sheltering (among others) pedophiles in prison. A pediatric nurse from San Diego was arrested for abusing a 2-month-old baby and recording the act on his cellphone.   

The FBI announced that Michael Williams Lutts had several hundred of child pornographic pictures on his cellphone, computer and other media storage. Lutts was charged with sexual exploitation of a child.

Lutts who was held at San Diego federal prison is schedule to appear in court this Friday. There are no excuses for his actions.  He was caught on video sexually abusing a 2 month old? That’s enough for me to think he needs to die, I don’t care if it means he won’t go to jail to spend time in there bla bla no, he just needs to GO! 

I can’t even imagine what that poor baby went through, a preemie at that.