2015: Namadi Sambo Insignificant Factor In Kaduna Politics – El Rufai

el-rufai1A former minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Nasir El-Rufai, on Thursday said defeating the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Kaduna state will be as simple as reading “ABCD”.

He said PDP will be trounced in the 2015 election because it has nothing to show in the state.

Mr. El-Rufai, a governorship aspirant of the All Progressive Congress, APC, donated 15 campaign vehicles to the state executives of APC.

“Kaduna State is being run by grossly incompetent government that must be unseated for purposeful unity and development”, Mr. El Rufai said.

“Defeating incumbent government is not difficult because the PDP did not win last election, it was rigged. The CPC (defunct Congress for Progressive Change) won last election in Kaduna state and we all know what happened. We all know the efforts to militarise the state to write results, and we are going to resist it this time.

“I have no doubt in my mind that the PDP in Kaduna is gone, it is history. It is just a matter of time and in February 2015 we will prove that. It is not a problem at all, a non-performing government is making people poor and insecurity going they can’t just perform”.

On whether the APC’s chances will not be threatened by Vice President Namadi Sambo, who hails from the state, Mr. El-Rufai said “What Vice President who has never won election in his own polling unit? Forget about the Vice President, forget about money, it is about people and the people of Kaduna will never vote for the PDP with Vice President or not Vice President.

“I don’t have god-father, the only god-father I have is the God Almighty himself. I have never had god-fathers in my life but I have mentors I respect, like General Muhammadu Buhari the leader of our party. I have same for former President Olusegun Obasanjo. I worked for him but even Obasanjo cannot force me to do what is not right. I am not designed so”, he insisted.


  1. His arrogance wl make him loose d election,I wondered if he was nt property trained on hw to respect elders,Rufai is such a man dat has no regard for any man,if he become governor I wonder hw is going to rule d state,God forbid he wl neva win.

  2. What is arrogancy on this statement? Did peoples think what the Man said is not true? All what El-Rufai said its true and all of us that leave in Kaduna knows what had happen during the 2011 election and people are ready to defend their votes. The only challenge is some candidatures hide under Buhari and did nothing, so this time around we will also voted them out and vote the good ones Insha Allah.