New App Called Nestdrop Will Deliver Marijuana Next To Your Door


Smartphones may be a pain sometimes. The carriers couldn’t carry a cold from one human being to another, let alone a signal to your device–but when they do work, they can do some amazing things. Your phone can play games, keep you informed on the news, let you talk to your friends in all sorts of interesting ways and anonymously post photos of your junk on the Internet. Now, it can do something that no one thought we would be able to do with a phone without facing some kind of legal authority: deliver weed to your home.

Nestdrop is a new app for iOS and Android phones that’s designed for medical marijuana users. It actually allows them to order the stuff, and to then have their “medication” delivered right to their doorstep. The app launched today in Los Angeles where medical marijuana is legal and plans are underway to bring it to other parts of the country with medical marijuana dispensaries.

First, the app must confirm that the user has permission from a doctor to obtain medical marijuana by uploading a photo of a doctor’s recommendation and their Medical Marijuana Identification Card. Once they have been approved, they can order all sorts of buds, edibles and even THC concentrate right from their phone. A delivery man will even bring it to their door within an hour of the placement of their order.

Between this, pizza delivery, and the Drizly app letting you order alcohol delivered right to your door–well, you officially have no reason to ever leave your house.