Photos: Last Moments Of Nollywood Actor Clems Onyeka

Nollywood was dealt a blow yesterday as one of it finest actor, Clems Onyeka was gunned down .

The death of the actor who was killed through a stray bullet yesterday in Asaba after running into an armed robbery scenehas thrown the Nigeria’s movie industry, friends, families and Nigerians alike into a great sober reflection and untold agony.


Nigerians have however taken to the 37-year-old deceased’s Facebook page to show how sad they are and how much they still cannot believe the death of the handsome actor.

”So SAD, so PAINFUL and DISHEARTENING. With endless TEARS I say GOODBYE to u CLEMS ONYEKA. Everyone out there says ‘RIP’ but I say ‘STAND-UP’ where ever u r nw, avenge ur death, u died 4 wot u knew nothing about, they will pay….they must pay heavily 4 cutting shot d life of a GREAT MIND, a FRIEND and a BROTHER to all. Kill everyone of them in a way dat will turnout more painful dan d way U died, kill everyone of their family and friends who knw wot ur killers do 4 a living, then U can rest in peace,” a friend posted.


Many others who seem close to the actor took time to show how disappointed and sad they were at death for taking their loved one away without prior notice. Umechukwu Prosper said:

Clems Onyeka, is dis d arrangment we made 4 u to visit me at d end of oct.? I cant believe u ar gone. Oh my God. I would hv allow u to visit me on my birthday bt I tot we nid time 4 ourselves. R. I. P my beloved friend Onyii.

The Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, graduate had a lot of projects at hand before death laid its cold hands on him.


See more photos below:


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May his soul rest in perfect peace!


  1. My eyes bleed for this hansome young man. But what can we say? we can’t question God. may ur soul find rest in the bosom of the lord. AS u entertained the entire earth crust, may heaven entertain u and welcom u .Do not put smiles on devil’s face by avenging ur death. THE ALMIGHTY, who knows that ur end was near will surely take care of ur killers in his own way and in his own time. RIP my screen HERO. ur memory is evergreen.

  2. May yo Sou rest in Piece,lgwe.We ar so worid abt incident but natin can we do,xpt sincerely condolenses.
    What l asking from yu is to avange,make catastrophy in de horrorlic magical thugs, to jeopadise ich and everyone of dem,Gun down dem,by de guns of Soul.
    R.I.P ntate

  3. oooh am so saddened by this guy’s death. may God rest your soul in perfect peace. as for the gunmen watch your backs fellows….. its God’s commandment that we shall not kill.

  4. OMG my very good actor, any time i watch your movie i feel so much impress of a very good talent. May your soul rest in perfect peace. and any person that have a hand on your death will have no peace all their life

    Your Fan


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