Jailed Thug Boasts on Facebook: ”Five Meals a Day, Free Gym”


Former boxer Lee Cekic, who was  jailed for locking his sister’s ex-boyfriend in the boot of a car and then stabbing has has been using Facebook to boast about hoe he’s having a nice time in prison with five meals a day and a free. Crimes Central reports:

Former boxer Lee Cekic, who left Joe Bath’s face so battered his own mum didn’t recognise him, is using the social network for arrogant boasts about his cushy life on the inside.

Bragging he has five meals a day, a free gym and even access to illegal steroids, Cekic also says 2020 – which could be his release date – will be “his year”… and he’s not planning to reform.

One status read: “I won’t change, if anything I will be a lot worse.”

And on August 21 Cekic wrote: “Once I’ve done my morning routine I look around and say to myself God don’t like me that much because look where I am, then on the other hand the devil says to me this is the life boy.

“Five meals a day, free gym membership, no TV licence, visits when you want, and a s*** load of roids ­(steroids) and w*** mags and you’re still going home in four-and-a-half years’ time. So it was all worth it.”


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