Minister Denies Statement Of Rigging 2015 Polls For PDP In Borno

Mohammad-WakilContrary to reports in a section of the media that Mohammed Wakil, the Minister of State for Power, reportedly stated during a Borno State Peoples Democratic Party stakeholders’ meeting in Maiduguri, Borno State that he was going to rig to win in next year’s elections, the minister has said there was no truth in the report.

He said the rumor was being peddled by people who were bent on tarnishing his image.

The rebuttal was contained in a statement signed by the minister’s Special Assistant on Media, Mr. Olawale Rasheed.

Wakil maintained that all events attended by him in Maiduguri were well covered by the media and that there was no iota of truth in the report of him saying he was going to resort to rigging to win the polls for his party, the Peoples Democratic Party.

The statement read, “The report should be disregarded as a trash from desperate people who are already sensing failure and defeat next year. We challenge the faceless sponsors of the report to provide documentary evidence to back up their claims if they have any.

“In Borno and the national political scene, the Honourable Minister is widely known to be a gentleman, a democrat and a matured political actor who does not believe in political violence. Governor Shetima had on several occasions testified to these sterling qualities when he repeatedly described the minister as a responsible and disciplined politician for whom he had great respect”.

The minister, however, said he could guess that the ‘warm’ reception accorded him and his party was already giving the All Progressives Congress-led government in Borno State sleepless nights, while adding that he was a believer of credible elections.

He added, “The reception we got on Monday added to the headache of the APC government. The unity rally confirmed that the PDP is poised to win in the state come next year.

“We are worried that since Monday, the state government has become desperate, acting in manners unexpected of a ruling government, especially during this crisis period. We want to put it on record that those peddling falsehood are only chasing shadows”.


  1. wakil don deceive your self every body in maiduguri kwons kashim is man of peace every person in Nigeria knows that PDP is a boko haram sponsored party be course Ali shariff want to use kashim and the man no gree thatz why he decamp to PDP and every person in Nigeria know people like Ali shariff, shekarau, bafarawa, nuhu ribado their hypocrite since their working for PDP while their in ANPP.