(Photos) Model With The Biggest Hips in Africa Releases New Photos

Corazon Kwanboka is one of Kenya’s most curvaceous model and socialite. See more photos of her below..


  1. In the olden days wen people needed to know the facts about something they ran into reading papers. But nowadays the reverse is the case. Lieing, how can u say this girl has the biggest hips in Africa, in my village is u woman that i can say has the biggest hip in the whole world. Sadly am not an artist i wud have given the sketches.but is as big as four small tv dishes. U wl not research u just come up wt stories . At times u say a big bele man was the fastest runner in the world. Stop it come to the villages and see real stories

  2. Let me say dis adage in Yoruba,”o di aroda ojo ki alaburada to mo pe eru lo nru”. Let’s check her out in d next10-20 years. If she still make sense,then i’ll know say she get maintenance &better shape…mtcheew.

  3. Hun…… diffrents asewo guys wit different comments,anyhw sha wat I knw is dat all of u dat viewed dat hipp wil xplained 2 God on d last day, I tank God say I no kuku watchd am,I just read only all u guys comments alone.

  4. Lol, my dear this so called hips and butts are fakes, they are not real, they are made up of silicon implant, Not all that Glitters are Gold. We are beautifully created and wonderfully made by GOD. Lets be Natural and be ourselves.

  5. I know most African, esp. Nigerian ladies got big hips and booty but theres this girl in my street with mountanous hips and booty. The first day i saw her i followed hopelessly at her booty like a housefly, so much that she even shed tears for me and promised shes to let me fuck her as much time as i want. I think there are some sort of nutrients in her booty thats why its so big and hips so wide. Gonno tap that nutrient i promise

  6. lolz biggest hip in Africa- Na wash. if truly she has de biggest hip in Africa then she has de biggest hip in the world cause African babes are known to have big hip.
    Anyways her shit, her mountainous or enormous hip wo t do me any good.

  7. but na wah for pple oo. that small hips na him on a the talk about as African biggest… na wah,,, meanwhile dat girl nor clean or get hips reach my sister or even hipssy were just marry dis few days.. make una talk well ooo