Buhari Not Qualified To Contest Presidential Election – Ozekhome


Constitutional Lawyer, Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, yesterday said that the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari was not qualified to contest for the election.

Speaking on the Africa Independent Television (AIT)’s Kakaaki programme, the lawyer said Buhari cannot contest the election following his alleged failure to present to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), his minimum requirements to participate in the election.

Ozekhome asserted that the APC presidential candidate did not comply with the provisions of the electoral law in filling the nomination form he submitted to INEC. “I know that Nigerians would be curious why is this matter just coming up for the first time and that after all this man has contested the last three Presidential elections.”

INEC has released the names of the 14 presidential candidates it said it had cleared for the election, including Buhari. So far, INEC has made no statement in defence of Buhari, who the body agreed his credentials checked out by clearing him for the election.


  1. Let’s ask the military to show the certificate and even find out whether the military which GEJ commands keeps record. But let me ask would u ask a 20years experienced driver who is driving u from Sokoto to sapele does not have a driving licence?. Nigerians think.

  2. Buhari is the man by virtue of his impeccable records, experience, qualities and attributes. Nigerians are so obsessed with qualifications that’s why a PHD holder that is so weak is at the head of government in Nigeria. The population of Nigeria is over 170,000,000. We need a person with gut to be at the head of government! It does not matter whether a nomination form is properly filled or not. l refuse to buy that nonsense about a nomination form not properly filled! If there were issues about the completion of the nomination form, these should have been raised during the nomination process. Ozekhome allegation at this stage of the electoral process is total bullshit!

  3. ozekhome or ozekhouse when you be come PDP mouth piece pls keep ur diety mouth shut because of your own interest how PDPigs send to your bank account before sending dis comment pls leave it well alone even Buhari present nepa bill we can vote for him your amoung those people use to sock innocent blood in this country.