Jonathan Ready To Make Peace, Appease Obasanjo – Presidency

obj-and-jonathanThe Presidency on Saturday said President Goodluck Jonathan was ready at all times to appease former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

It also agreed with the ex-president that candidates in the forthcoming general elections should be judged by their performance.

The Presidency’s position came on the heels of a series of failed efforts to curry Mr. Obasanjo’s support for President Jonathan’s re-election bid.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, who made this position known, was reacting to a statement credited to the former Nigerian leader that performance, as against party loyalty, should be the overriding factor in voting for candidates in the February elections.

The presidential aide said Obasanjo was correct in his submission, which he described as statesman-like.

He said, “Obasanjo is right. I want Nigerians to vote for the next President based on performance. Let Buhari tell us his performance and Goodluck Jonathan should tell us his performance.

“Obasanjo is correct; there is nothing wrong with that. That is very statesman-like of him.

“I want my party’s candidates to win but this election is about performance. Luckily, Buhari has been a Head of State before, it does not matter how long he was in government. He was in government for 20 months; Murtala Muhammed was in government for six months and he became a hero.

“It is not an excuse that 20 months is not enough. In 20 months, Buhari showed clear attributes of indolence and incompetence. He did not add any value to the nation. He did not achieve anything. All he did was to be hard and harsh on people. He was busy harassing southerners like Awolowo and Ajasin.

“If you put that side-by-side with the performance of Jonathan, he has touched everything he met. All 24 airports have been refurbished. He has brought railway back to life. There is substantial achievement in power. We can only go forward, we can’t come back”.

While affirming that the president was still ready to mend fence with Obasanjo, Okupe said Jonathan had tremendous respect for the ex-president.

“This President is a liberal-minded President and he has a lot of respect for Obasanjo. He has never hidden that. He believes that Obasanjo is his political father, no matter whether they have disagreements or not.

“The President is ready at all times to make peace and appease the elderly gentleman”, Okupe said.


  1. It is crystal clear that Okupe n F.Kayode are the true enemies of Nigeria. Jonathan is not the president of the Oduduwas but entire Nigeria. the comparism you are making will not convince Nigerians to elect the leader of their choice. The biggest economy in Africa cannot pay it workers both Federal and states while political appointees like you are feeding at the expense of poor workers who cannot pay their childrens school fees. Nigerian electorates are not illitrates as you are thinking.


    by Charles Novia

    I don’t sit on the fence as a rule.

    I have said it many times that I am rooting for the re-election of President Jonathan in February. It is my stand. It is my right.

    For many others like me, in the millions, all over the country who would vote PDP in February, it is a statement of fact.

    For those on facebook and social media, I ask you to wake up. If you already have made up your mind to vote GEJ do not allow the propaganda or the vociferous insults of the opposition get to you. Make your stand known and stick to it. It is your right. If they come to your wall to insult you for making your stand known, answer them with facts and courtesy if you are so inclined. Because they will be insulting. It is a strategy of the opposition.

    But take your stand and stick to it. You might have many or few reasons to vote GEJ or you might have only one reason. But for whatever it is worth. Take your stand and let it be known.

    There are millions in the grassroots who will vote Jonathan and give him his victory. There are millions in the villages and rural areas whose lives have been positively touched by his policies and they are not blind. They will vote.

    You too will join them in the vote. So, take your stand today. Do not be ashamed nor frightened.
    It is your stand and your right. Let them hate you for it, if they want to. They are the ones who are being eaten up by hate while you have the power of the dove and love in you. Make your stand known.

    And stand by your stand. If only for one thing; GEJ has given us freedom of speech more than any other leader in Nigeria.

    It is within the ambits of such freedom that you and the opposition express yourselves.

    I took my stand

  3. Must you twist truth upside down to justify &guarantee crumbs from GEJ? Doyin Okupe can’t you see this ship is sinking? The fly that is bent on seeing season 12 always got buried with the casket. Your paymaster is unelectable & therefore a political baggage.