Tompolo Accuses Danjuma Of Sponsoring Terrorism

T.Y. Danjuma
T.Y. Danjuma

A former militant leader, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, has accused former Minister of Defence, General Theophilus Danjuma (rtd.) of sponsoring terrorism in the Northern part of the country, and therefore called for his arrest and prosecution.

Danjuma had in Kano State, Wednesday, called for the immediate arrest of ex-militant leaders Asari-Dokubo, Tompolo and Boyloaf over alleged comments that there would be war should President Goodluck Jonathan fail to win the February 14 presidential election.

Tompolo, who called for Danjuma’s arrest for allegedly sponsoring terrorism in the Northern part of the country in a statement by his media aide, Paul Bebenimibo, said: “The call by Danjuma for my arrest and other agitators for a better living condition for the people of the Niger Delta region is an indication that he is behind terrorism in the North Eastern part of the country. He also did not condemn the attacks on the president in Bauchi.

“Is Gen. Danjuma not aware of the peaceful atmosphere when Gen Muhammadu Buhari visited Delta, Rivers and Bayelsa states (home base of the President) for campaigns? Why was it that President Jonathan’s convoy was attacked in Kastina and Bauchi states without any provocation?

“Who is Gen. Danjuma if not for the oil wealth he is enjoying from the Niger Delta? He should rather be arrested for being behind terrorism in the North.

“Where was Danjuma when Mallam Adamu Ciroma threatened to make Nigeria ungovernable if Jonathan defeated the All Progressives Congress, APC presidential candidate, Buhari? Where was this so-called statesman when the APC campaign Director-General, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, threatened to form a parallel government if President Jonathan wins the 2015 elections? Where was he when Dr. Junaid Muhammed, Buhari and Atiku Abubakar all said in separate interviews that the nation will boil if Jonathan won the election in 2011?

“Gen. Danjuma should be reminded that the devilish treaty that brought the Southern and Northern Protectorates together in 1914, expired last year. Danjuma and his likes should be grateful to President Jonathan, who has been keeping this country together.

“If not for President Jonathan, there would not be a Nigeria any more. Danjuma and his cohorts should be reminded of the saying that ‘those who live in glass house should not throw stones. Is it the interest of Nigeria that Gen. Danjuma is protecting or his oil bloc in the Niger Delta?” Tompolo asked.