Bakare Lampoons Christian Leaders For Rejecting Osinbajo As CAN, PFN Allegedly Endorse Jonathan

Tunde-Bakare-702x336Senior Pastor at the Latter Rain Assembly and founder of the Save Nigeria Group, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has slammed the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) for what he called “secret endorsement of President Goodluck Jonathan”.

The cleric at the weekend lashed out at CAN and PFN for allegedly dumping Prof. Yemi Osinbajo just like they allegedly did to him when he was running mate to General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) in 2011 presidential election.

Osinbajo is running mate to Buhari in the 2015 presidential election on the platform of All Progressives Congress.

Bakare, in his sermon on Sunday, said he learnt that the Christian leaders held a secret meeting where they allegedly endorsed Jonathan for a second term in office. He wondered why both Christian bodies dumped their own, who he said was not a “radical” person.

“Why have they refused to support Osinbajo in 2015, someone who is not a radical as they claimed I was a radical in 2011 and they did not give me the desired support?” he queried.

Bakare accused the Christian leaders of fighting for their own pockets, which informed their reason for supporting Jonathan and rejecting Osinbajo, who is resident pastor at one of the biggest parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) worldwide.

It was learnt that leaders of CAN and PFN had met at the Redemption Camp of the RCCG to pray for the nation on the forthcoming elections, but the meeting turned out to be cover for the eventual endorsement of Jonathan’s candidacy.


  1. I think Pastor Tunde Bakare as a Pastor with CAN and PFN was the first person to give divine endorsement to the candidacy of President Jonathan and this unsettled APC and that made the party henchmen to run to him to reverse his tacit endorsement of the President except if the Pastor wants to deny this. The meeting at Redemption camp in which the President was endorsed secretly further strengthens predictions in favour of Jonathan since the Redemption camp is a strong base of Prof. Osinbajo. What this means is the carpets are gradually being pulled off beneath the feet of Osinbajo without he actually knowing what is going on.

  2. Man of God, I wish you would show some respect to spiritual authorities- just as I believe you would want from others. Must we do your wishes? You endorsed Buhari/Osinbajo, that was your personal view and prerogative. CAN/PFN etc also has her prerogative to endorse who soever they wish to. So kindly respect yourself by exercising restraint in your utterances-becuse the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet.
    Remember how you tried to ridicule Adeboye and other respectable men of God, please show leadership by example.
    Man of God, please tell us if JNI have not endorsed Buhari- whether openly or secretly.

  3. Pls does Tunde Bakare have a spiritual father?
    If Tunde Bakare has a spiritual father,I and so many people who are sick& tired of hearing Tunde Bakare speak without thinking,appeal to Tunde Bakare’s spiritual father to take Tunde Bakare back for more teachings on decorum expected from a man of God so that Tunde Bakare will not make innocent people to sin due to his tactless statements.Also Tunde Bakare’s wife should pray more for him to think before talking or acting.
    Also Tunde Bakare should understand how to work with visions so that he will stop disgracing himself.
    However,my advice to Tunde Bakare is to understand that from days of Elijah,Elisha &other great men in the bible,Men of God are not meant to be dabbling into politics but men of God are advisers& mentors to political leaders.
    Tunde Bakare and Osibajo shld steer clear from politics most especially politics with devilish& greedy people like Tinubu,Atiku,lying Lai Mohammed&all APC Members.

  4. I’m not surprized @ the controversial posture of Pastor Tunde Bakare! Who is the presidential candidate? Has Buhari abdicated for Osibajo now? Bakare has shown utmost desrespect to the leadership of Body of Christ in Nigeria. To me, that action is calling him to question as a church leader! If God has not revealed to him yet, the demonic agenda of these people that are clamouring for change, then something is missing somewhere. What I know is that no matter the campaign of calumny against God’s chosen, His will shall manifest on Feb 14, 2015. God will not allow a president that will promote islamization agenda in order to decimate the Church.

  5. Pastor Tunde Bakare. You started well and i pray you End well. since 2011 your status as a Spiritual Man changed, am sure you think you still have it but sir now you are sooo dry. yes you can preach in your church and extolled them but sir we from outside can see that all has dry off.
    Don’t allow the devil to use you as a loophole into the Body of Christ just has he use Judas is a good thing for Christians to be involve in Politics which was absent from a very long time in Nigrian and around the world. if people like you could tell tell dapt into politics with good omen then those behind you can be encourage to do so tomorrow but if you continue like this the real devoted Christ-Like will never get involve in Politics. please sir. Kindly reverse your step back to your 1st love and make amendment to your Spiritual life. i know He (Christ) is a forgiven Father. i wish you well.

  6. Osinbajo is not the issue, but Buhari, an unrepentant islamic extremist, tyrant and murderer. Osinbajo is an innocent lamb riding on the back of a hungry and dangerous tiger. Period. Nigerians please vote for Jonathan for continued peace and progress. We won’t go back.

  7. Tuned bak are is a disgrace to d body of Christ. Where was tuned bak are when d Muslims clergy met an force other apc presidential candidates to step down for buhari. Tuned bak are is a fake man of God an I pity those in his church. If this so call man of God support d blood of innocent Nigerians whc were spill after buhari lost in 2011 an is still supporting such a man then tuned bak are himself is fake.

  8. All these Christian leaders and some MUMU following them cheapishly can never be wise. If not for selfish reason why would you reject one of you and choose gej. So shamefull and some people are calling pastor tunde bakare names. Where is it in the bible that you must have spiritual father. Some Christians can never be wise. Pastor bakare is free to express his views and whoever does not like it can jump to the lagoon. For pastor Adeboye I will withdraw all my respect for him if within the next 48 hours he does not declare his support for osinbajo.

  9. CAN/PFN as a spiritual body has no moral right to support any candidate and ask their followers to do the same.
    What ever your views,wait till after the presidential election.Many people will eat their words.God can use GEJ to bless Nigeria.God can also use GMB to bless Nigeria much more.GMB could be the Cyrus that God used lift up the children of Israel.GMB could be the Ahaseurus that preserved the posterity of the Jews through the instrumentality of Esther and her Uncle,Mordecai.Be guided.Thank you.

  10. Pastor Tunde Bakare has missed the point,I am surprised that he would accuse other pastors,when he Tunde is actually campaigning for GMB,Is Pastor Bakare trying to impose GMB on CAN/PFN?Pastor Bakare should stop his falsehood and fabrications as Nigeria n’s can see through him,it truly saddens me to hear a man of God mix religion with Politics.Pastor Bakare should tell us if he wants to be a Politician or remain as a pastor,he shouldn’t be deceived by his self aggrandisement.Can the Pastor tell us why he is in Politics,if not for the material gains.My advice to the Pastor is to remember that accusing other pastors of monetary gains makes he Tunde a laughing stock.