Buhari’s Endorsement By The Economist Jaundiced, Baseless, Says Jonathan

GEJ-GMBPresident Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to the endorsement by the UK-based magazine, The Economist, of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, for the February 14 polls, saying it is tongue-in-cheek, baseless and jaundiced.

The president, in a statement on Friday by his spokesman, Reuben Abati, said that it is patriotic Nigerians that will vote and not the magazine.

According to a statement issued by the presidential spokesman on Friday, Nigerians are aware of the achievements of the administration in the last six years.

He said: “We have noted with surprise, The Economist’s tongue-in-cheek endorsement of General Muhammadu Buhari in the run-up to Nigeria’s general elections and the international magazine’s baseless, jaundiced and rather malicious vilification of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who retains the trust and confidence of majority of Nigerians as the outcome of the Presidential elections will undoubtedly show.

“We are sure that many Nigerians and other readers of the usually urbane, thoughtful and well-reasoned editorial opinions of the Economist will be shocked that the magazine has taken the very ill-considered decision to throw its weight behind a candidate who, as a former military dictator, curtailed freedom of speech, ordered the kidnapping of opponents and jailing of journalists, and is accused of incitement to violence and grave human rights violations in Nigeria’s current democratic dispensation.

“The Economist may feign ignorance of President Jonathan’s remarkable achievements as leader of his country in the past six years, but Nigerians who, unlike the magazine’s opinion writers, will actually vote in the country’s forthcoming presidential elections, know that President Jonathan has worked very hard to fulfill all the major promises he made to them on assumption of office”.

Abati stressed that Nigerians know how President Jonathan has developed the economy, created more jobs, and has given policy support to the real sector of the economy.

He added: “They know that he has encouraged locally owned enterprises to take advantage of our resources in growing the domestic economy and they also know that he has successfully attracted greater foreign direct investment to the country.

“Nigerians are also aware that President Jonathan has worked tirelessly to improve power supply across the nation, rebuild and expand national infrastructure, improve public transportation and provide greater access to quality education for all Nigerian youth”.

Speaking further he said; “They know very well too that President Jonathan has significantly improved healthcare services in the country, revolutionized agriculture, promoted gender equality and women empowerment, and done his very best to stem corruption in government”.

Despite insurgency and other challenges, the statement said that contrary to The Economist’s assertions, Nigeria, under President Jonathan has made very considerable progress.

“President Jonathan has ensured that Nigeria has become a more vibrant democracy with free media, an independent judiciary, free, fair and credible elections, and greater respect for human rights.

“The Economist is entitled to its erroneous opinion on who represents the best leadership option for Nigeria in the coming elections, but happily for the country, it is not the magazine’s lead writers, but more knowledgeable and patriotic Nigerians who actually work and live in the country, that will vote and re-elect President Jonathan for a second term in office.

“They will do so, because unlike the Economist’s opinion writers, they understand that a Buhari Presidency will, for their beloved country, represent a stark setback and retrogression from the tremendous ongoing positive transformation of Nigeria under President Jonathan’s leadership”, he stated.


  1. Comedians are afraid of being jobless. Ask me which family they affect, ask me where the educational benefit is felt? Leave the sit, rather than talking, we are the ones saw the act of january 2012! Go away!

  2. Bravo for your apt reply to the paid imperialist editors.They and their Nigerian collaborators can never destroy Nigeria, Bravo for your apt reply to the paid imperialist editors.They and their Nigerian collaborators can never destroy Nigeria,

    Bravo for the apt response to imperialist editors.Neither they nor their Nigerian collaborators can destroy Nigeria.

  3. British empire sun never set,is setting,has set.The Queen palace is Islamized.British flag was lowered on the death of the Saudi King.Why and how did Lady Diana died?They did not want an African step father in the Royal house.The brutal colonization of Nigeria and the application of divide and rule policy,are some of the remote causes of Nigeria present challenges.Those that it favours,sees the privileges as their birth right,all over Nigeria.The United Kingdom ignored her colonies to their fate.They wisely came to fool the colonies by establishing the Common Wealth of Nations.A neo-colonial instrument of slavery days reminder and further modern slavery through finance,technologies and mass communication.

  4. Yes its a baseless endoresment, Buhari has called for the introduction of ‘total’ Islamic law across the country,he said he will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country,is that the kind of leader we deserve?????…….a dictator??????????????/ no way, never

  5. Of course the UK and US will endorse Buhari, they need an Aboki in charge so they can come steal our resources. Then we poor masses remain where we are, I say God forbid. We need an intellect in office and that’s GEJ! He may not b the best but sure better than that Failbuhari.

  6. Britain and it’s allies are the reason why Nigeria Is like This today. They Will always like to support Aboki in order to steal our resources. North Is the reason why Nigeria Is backward today. We don’t need them in Our national affair.

  7. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is a tested and trusted democrat who is well experienced in running democratically elected government having been elected as a Deputy Governor, Governor, Vice President and now President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  8. We don’t want a combative presidency, which would be busy witch-hunting perceived enemies for trumped charges, then jail them for 200 years. Following the comments here i noted the language employed to show what direction his government will focus.
    The choice before Nigerians in 2015 is quite clear. Do you want a transforming leadership or a retrogressive return to a quasi military dictatorship clad in democratic toga or do you want an environment of human right abuses where people live in fear? Yet it is supposed to be democratic setting.

  9. All the gains of the past years will be lost when autocratic regime that General Buhari is known for takes over power in Nigeria, explaining that this is the choice Nigerians will have to make in the February 2015 Presidential election. I CHOOSE JONATHAN OVER BUHARI.