Jonathan Does Not Deserve Reelection, Says Group

GEJ-Cross RiverAhead of the February general elections, a socio-political organization, the Southern Nigeria Peoples Mandate (SNPM), has said the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party and incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, has failed Nigerians and therefore, does not deserve another term in office.

The group, made up of Concerned South-South Movement (CSSM), South West Business League (SWBL), South East  Peoples Agenda  (SEPA) and Ndigbo Unity Forum (NUF), in a communique signed by their president, Augustine Chibudum, on Friday in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, said: “We gathered to review the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and recent happenings in the country, especially as it affects the people of southern Nigeria, and a unanimous votes of no confidence, necessitated by his failure to fulfill numerous promises made by him to the region, was passed on the president”.

The communique read, “It will be recalled that President Jonathan promised to build two new refineries in Lagos and Baylesa states in 2010. He also gave us assurances that the old refinery in Port Harcourt and Warri will be rehabilitated so that our people will no longer imported refined fuel.

“Two years later, instead of bringing our suffering to an end, President Jonathan, on January 1 2012, increased the price of petrol from N65 to N125 despite all the cries by Nigerians. Today, the cost of petrol is N100 per liter instead of N87 and kerosene N120 instead of N50 per liter.

“Nigeria is the only country in the world that sells kerosene higher than petrol. Today, the two old refineries President Jonathan promised that will resume full production by December 2012 are in decay, while the new ones he promised to build are non-existent.

“The administration is also reluctant in the upgrading of Enugu and Sam Mbakwe Cargo Airport to international standards, thereby creating hardship for businessmen from the south east.

“Despite the media hype of the Onitsha seaport, we have nothing. Also, the railway sector is nothing to write home about because they have not constructed the Lagos-Ontitsha-Aba- Port Harcourt rail line. This has made transportation of human and goods very expensive.

“The same thing is also applicable to our industrial sector, despite having the biggest markets in the country, which include the Onitsha Main Market, Ariaria Market, Aba, and the Mile 3 Market Port-Harcourt among others”.


  1. GEJ is the only man that deserves it. we all know buhari is not at any point reliable, Buhari is surrounded by many shady characters as he is masquerading as progressives. We all know them. While terrorists attack our brothers in the North, most of these people jeer our soldiers and Jonathan. People who fail to work with the incumbent government to fight attacks by terrorists are callous and Godless and we must not reward them by voting them into power. These people want to hijack this great country for their own selfish interest…….vote for GEJ