Student Burns Self Alive After His Father Told Him To Stop Playing Video Games

Hsueh Jun-Chen
Hsueh Jun-Chen

A young Taiwanese man is dead after setting himself on fire after an argument with his father.  According to Scoop, 22-year-old Hsueh Jun-Chen of Fenyuan, Taiwan, burned himself alive after his father told him to stop playing video games and have more sleep.

Chen was in his room at his family’s home when his father, Liu, 48, knocked on his door and told him to go to sleep. The two got into a heated argument and the father told his son that he was tired of him playing video games and he wanted his son to stop. The next day, Liu realized that his son was not in his room.

He went to the garage to see if he was out on his motorcycle. The bike was still in the garage, but the father noticed that two cans of gasoline were missing. He immediately feared the worst and went looking for his son. The father found his son’s charred body about 300 meters from their home with the empty cans of gasoline next to him.

His father was devastated over the death, and said that he was shocked that his son “went over the edge” when he asked him to stop playing video games. Friends and staff at the Chienkuo University of Technology, where Jun-Chen studied, expressed their shock after hearing the news. Professor Li Hong said that Jun-Chen was a brilliant guy, very intelligent and always did well in class.