Woman Drops Out Of University To Marry Disabled Man After Knowing Him For Just 3 Days


A young woman reportedly gave up all her dreams to be with a disabled man she met online, in just three days. According to BuzzCanadalive:

Xiao Dan, 22, of China, dropped out of university to marry the man she met on the Internet.
Dan became engaged to Kong Chuang, 23, who is unable to walk, despite only knowing him for three days. Dan began chatting with Chuang, on the messaging application WeChat. She was very impressed with his positive attitude and passion for life.

“Talking to him was very different than anyone else I met online,” she said. “He seemed like a really amazing person and we stayed up long into the night to chat,” she added.  The next day, she decided that even though it meant missing school, she was going to see him. The man never mentioned that he was disabled.

Dan admitted that she was shocked over his disability when she first met him. However, she liked his looks. Dan said that Chuang looks like a famous Taiwanese musician, actor and director named Jay Cho. Dan was inspired by his extraordinary determination to succeed despite his disability, and just three days after meeting him for the first time, she agreed to marry him.

The couple now lives with the Chuang family in Guangzhou, Guangdong. Dan said she wants to get a job and move into a home of their own, where she can take care of her fiance. “I am very fortunate that Dan chose me, and I intend to do whatever I can to make her happy,” Chuang said.