Jonathan Leading Nigeria Like Adolf Hitler, Gbagbo, Says Group


An Osun-based civil society group, the Osun Progressives Left has warned against further postponement of the general elections or removal of the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Attairu Jega, as well as the involvement of military in democratic process.

The group likened President Goodluck Jonathan’s leadership style to that of a former leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler, who started World War II, and former President of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, who refused to hand over power after losing election.

“Ivory coast crisis started with election postponement. It degenerated to ethnical crisis and to a full war. It has been proven that people from minority group has the tendency of foisting themselves on people,” the spokesperson for the group, Comrade Wale Adebisi said at a press conference in Osogbo on Saturday.

“Adolf Hitler was from a minority group and he wanted to rule the world at all cost. The Second World War started with ethnic crisis from Germany as well, when Hitler wanted to foist himself on people. I want to say that President Jonathan is also leading Nigeria like Gbagbo and Hitler.

“We need to call the president to order. Unfortunately, none of the government institutions is working in Nigeria. The National Assembly cannot call the president to order. The president’s ethnic people have been threatening war of he loses the election. If eventually the president loses election, his ethnical boys will launch attack and this will resort to another civil war.”

According to the group’s spokesperson, President Jonathan is trying to divide Nigeria along religious and ethnic lines so as to cause disunity which may lead to civil war like that of Ivory Coast. He called on Nigerians not to allow this.

Adebisi also warned that INEC chairman, Jega must not be removed, saying any attempt to do so was an invitation to anarchy. He also slammed alleged plans to deploy the military for the general elections. He said any involvement of military in democratic and electoral process has negate the doctrine of democracy, adding that democracy is no longer in place when there is involvement of military in elections processes.

“The election of 28th March and 11th of April are sacrosanct, which must not be shifted beyond those two dates. INEC chairman, Prof Atairu Jega should not be removed on or before the election dates. Nigerian from different ethnic groups should see themselves as one not as enemy and should not allow anybody to use them against one another,” Adebisi said.


  1. What ever you call yourself Osun-based civil society group, i have never seen a group so stupid, by calling your president ( Adolf Hitler). the problem we have i Nigeria is this word and stupid thinking MINORITY, look at western world or the USA any body can lead, as far you have some thing good to offer, this same people you call minority they are the group that have sustain Nigeria up to date. Nigeria will be good without minority or majority, All Nigerians are important and a leaders

  2. Gej lost shoes is found in Otuoke. B4 election of 28th March and 11th of April as confused man u need to start d journey by 5th, march because by 28th March to 11th of April u must have found the shoe

  3. u think GEJ is liar like you people in apc.sometime after listenng to u guys in apc i do regret for wasting my time listenng. apc members to me looks as if dis guys has twisted mind control by demons.i jst pray that God will help us from all this evil.i am not any party member but since i was born this is d first time i saw trains moving in nigeria.if somebody had told me b4 now i would have doubted it but i thank God for Gej

  4. It’s sad how we all lose it in Nigeria…

    While the APC has points, the PDP also has same…the only challenge is that almost all the time, these two parties only succeed in making noise and their supporters gleefully join them…!

    No nation was ever built that way!

    To progress, we must all look beyond party, ethnic or religious affiliations…and, more importantly, we all should be able to see the truth when it is said!

    Akaahan Terungwa