Terry G – “I Don’t Take Hard Drugs Anymore Because The Substance Slowed Me Down”


In contrast to what most people believe about the Benue born singer, Terry G has stated in a new chat with Saturday Beats that he stopped using hard drugs and the impact the substance have on his body.

Terry G said: –

“People actually see me as a very bad guy, so it does not surprise me when I go to certain places and they offer me some things because they think I already indulge in them. It was a gathering of celebrities and they say when you are in Rome act like a Roman. I was offered and I did not want to be seen as the odd one out, so I indulged in it with them”

On dealing with Cocaine and how he stopped; The ‘Free Madness’ crooner said “I am the first born of my family and I felt it would not be good to continue with such. Also, God has blessed me with enough energy. My fans know me to be very energetic and I believe that anything that could slow me down can kill me. I spoke to myself because the substance normally slowed me down and I decided to stop it. While I indulged in it, nobody knew because I know how to control myself, I cut off all relationships that I had with that set of people. We stopped communicating. I have never bought it before in my life, so it was easy to stop once I cut those people off.”