Waje – “I Was Shocked When I watched My Performance On Screen”


I have read a piece similar to this before, apparently, It even amazes celebrities too when they watch their own video performances.

In a recent chat with Saturday Beats, Waje talked about her weight and how fans comment about her weight got her depressed.

Waje said: –

“I reduced my weight because I watched my performance on screen one time and I was shocked. When you are on screen, you add ten pounds and there was a time I was performing and it was shown live. I did not like the comments on twitter and it made me depressed for a while. I had to make a decision if I wanted to enjoy life and call myself a fat person or I could live a better lifestyle. As a female brand, I am a visual brand and when you look good, people tend to take you more seriously. You also feel smarter, so I had to start thinking in that direction.”

She also said “The weight loss was intentional and the reason was because I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. I just want to reduce my food intake, especially junk foods. My stylist is hoping I get slimmer because it is easier to style slim people. For slim people, you can get clothes off the rack but for people like me, we have to make the clothes most of the time,”

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