All-female Mechanic Shop Opens Outside Toronto


The owner of an auto body shop that recently opened its doors outside of Toronto said her all-female staff is aiming to fix more than just cars. UPI went there:

Hillary Noack, 29, who opened the Ink&Iron auto body shop in Mississauga April 1 after raising funds on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, said she wanted to put her 12 years of experience in the auto industry as well as the skills of her female colleagues to good use.

“It’s completely owned and operated and ran by all female technicians,” Noack told CTV News. “I don’t think just because we are doing technically a male job, that we can’t still like pink and we can’t still be girly,” she said. Noack said she wants to provide a nurturing environment for young female technicians to learn and practice the trade.

“I kind of just thought ‘Hey, this would be a really unique and kick-ass business idea!'” shetold website autofocus. “[I wanted] to provide a positive training environment for other young ladies who want to explore careers in auto body,” Noack said. “And to set an example for any other young females considering getting into the automotive field, [to show them] that they can do it!”

Noack said her team is prepared to handle anything ranging from fixing damage from fender benders to restoring classic cars that fell into disrepair. Noack said she wouldn’t be opposed to hiring male workers, “as long as they can handle the pink.”