Don’t Appoint Any Defector, Archbishop Okoh Urges Buhari

Archbishop Metropolitan and Primate of Anglican Church of Nigeria, Most Revd Nicholas Okoh, yesterday, called on President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, not to give any politician defecting to the All Progressives Congress (APC), any position in his government.

Okoh, who described such people as lacking in credibility, said “If I were the President-elect, I will not give them anything because they are not people to be trusted. They lack credibility, they are people who are destroying the country, and they did not work for the party so why are they joining the party now,” he said at the All Saints Cathedral, Onitsha, Anambra State, shortly after the consecration of three Bishops.

“The administration is a new one, it has set its programmes and the person who needs advice is not the new government but Nigerians. They need the cooperation of Nigerians to make their programmes succeed, so we ask Nigerians to please cooperate with them in our own interest, because if we cooperate they will do good work but if we don’t, they cannot do anything,” Okoh said.

He urged the incoming government to ensure it keeps to its campaign promises.

“We know no government can touch everything in the comprehensiveness of human life, so they cannot do everything, it is the duty of the incoming government to study those areas, particularly the embodiment of their campaign promises. I believe it was the manifesto that enabled them win, so they should look at it and see that they implement it.”

In his exhortation to the Bishops, Okoh told them to “be shepherd and not a wolf to the flock of Christ, feed them and do not devour them, seek the lost, uphold the weak, restore health to the sick, lift the down trodden, ensure discipline but forget not mercy, be so merciful and be not too remiss.”