Jonathan In Lagos To Perfect PDP’s Rigging Plans, APC Alleges


The All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday alleged plans by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to rig the governorship election in Lagos which it said will be spearheaded by President Goodluck Jonathan.

In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the APC accused the PDP of desperation to capture the state at all cost using fake result sheets which were allegedly flown in from Abuja for today’s poll.

“The meeting in Lagos was aimed at devising a strategy to distribute the fake result sheets that were packed into the SUV, which will be free to move around (because of its number plate) despite the restriction on vehicular movement during the elections.

“It is sad that the same president, who conceded defeat in the presidential election and then followed up with a speech in which he said he would like his ‘legacy’ of free and fair elections to endure, is the one who is presiding over a desperate move to steal the people’s votes on Saturday (today).

“How can President Jonathan’s ‘legacy’ endure when one of his last acts in office is a seeming vengeance mission to lead his party to capture Lagos, because the PDP sees the state as a cash cow that they can milk to death, with the party’s gravy train at the federal level having derailed?” the party queried.

“In their desperation over the Lagos election, they have shamelessly divided the people along ethnic, religious and regional lines, thus setting the stage for the condemnable hate speeches onto which they have in turn latched to further whip up primordial sentiments.

“The PDP cannot now seek to benefit from the problems it caused in the first instance. This party (PDP) and its leader, the president, have divided Nigerians in general and Lagos residents in particular more than any individual or group and at any time in history. If today things are being said that should not have been said, it is the direct consequence of the PDP’s divisiveness,” the APC added.

It said that Jonathan’s meeting was held with Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro; the PDP governorship candidate in Lagos, Jimi Agbaje and National Coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Chief Gani Adams.

The APC therefore, enjoined the president to desist from any vengeance mission that would only rubbish whatever was left of his “so-called” legacy of free and fair elections. It also urged Lagosians to be vigilant.

“Lagosians, please, come out en masse on Saturday (today) and vote in a peaceful manner for a candidate of your choice. Say no to coercion, defend your votes and repudiate all architects of divisiveness and rigging,” APC said.


  1. Alhaji Lai Muhammad of APC. What do you want frm Pres Jonathan of PDP. Allow sleeping dog to lie. You APC rigged all thru yet Pres Jonathan nd his team let go & you are here trying to provoke PDP PEACE. Have you lost your senses. Pres Jonathan accept defeat does nt mean he`s a fool so leave him out of your intended rigging.