Tick Tock! Ini Edo Is Happy Being A Single Lady


Ini Edo has burst the bubbles of a lot of people who think being a divorcee will make you sad for the rest of your life. The actress said, life is too short for someone to live and remain unhappy, and as a matter of fact, she is happier being single. She said this to Encomium in their latest publication;

You seem to have got your groove back after you split with your former husband, Philip?

I have always had my groove (laughs).  But you know now, I’m a happy person all the time.  Life is too short to dwell on regrets and pains.

All the talks about moving into a new house, driving posh automobiles…

I don’t dwell on those things.  I just want to keep doing better films, doing good in my profession.  I just want to keep growing. Continue…


The story is that you are in a fresh romance.  Are you back in love now?

No, I’m not.  I’m in love with myself.  I’m a single girl, very, very happily single.






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