You Can Now Pay Someone To Break Up With Your Partner For You


Breaking up with someone can be a messy, awkward affair, but luckily, you can now pay someone to do it for you. OddityCentral has more:

When 37-year-old Kristy Mazins realised how much people hate confrontation, she developed an entire business plan around it. The former nurse from Melbourne started a service called ‘Sorry It’s Over’ that helps people avoid the uncomfortable task of breaking up with someone.

For a fee of AUS $5.50 (US $4.44) or more, Mazins will do the dirty work via text, email, handwritten letter, or even a phone call.

Mazins thinks her service is “much needed” because she genuinely understands how difficult it is for the ‘Facebook generation’ to express emotions. “You know with Gen Y how they’re so tech savvy, I think for them it’s the perfect service,” she said. Through Sorry It’s Over, Mazins “takes the fear out of breaking up.”

She believes that her years of experience as a nurse has taught her about being empathetic and using gentle words to ease tense situations, which makes her perfect for the job. “I’m quite good at mediating people’s relationships,” she said. “It’s a gift. I think it’s the counselling that goes with nursing.”