Chinese Zoo Caring For Newborn Two-headed Snake [PHOTO]


A Chinese zoo said a two-headed snake brought in by a breeder has survived for more than 10 days, but it refuses to eat or drink.

Officials at the Nanning Zoo in Guanxi said the two-headed Chinese cobra was brought in by a snake farmer from Yulin and the animal has now survived for more than 10 days, shedding its skin once.

According to Scoop, zookeeper Li Keqi said the snake is underweight and refuses to eat or drink. He said specialists are being consulted and the zoo is considering nutrient injections to keep the serpent alive if it continues to refuse sustenance.

Li said reports of the snake’s two heads fighting each other were inaccurate. He said the snake sometimes appears to be fighting itself when the two heads attempt to move its body in different directions.