Lover Spends Night On 7th Floor Air Condition Ledge After Mistress’ Husband Came Home Unexpectedly [Video]


A man in China, was forced to spend the night hiding on a 7th floor air condition ledge after his lover’s husband came home from a business trip earlier than expected, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

According to the firefighters responding to the scene, when the woman, who was not identified, heard her husband come in, she quickly told the man to jump out of the window and stay between two air condition units.  He did what he was told, and stayed there until the morning.

When the husband went back to work, the man, who was not identified, could not jump back into the window. Firefighters tied rope around his abdomen and pulled him back into the house. After claiming that he had no idea how he ended up on the ledge, the two finally confessed to being lovers. She admitted that she brought the man home for the night, because she did not expect her husband to come home so quickly from his business trip.