Two-headed Albino Snake Bought By Venice Beach Freakshow Owner [Photo]


A rare two-headed albino snake was recently purchased by a Venice Beach freak show owner, Todd Ray. Todd Ray, the owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow, paid $50,000 for “Medusa”, a three-foot-long, 4-year-old two-headed Honduran Milk snake born in Florida. UPI reports:

“I’ve wanted her since the day it was born four years ago,” Ray told the Huffington Post. “I went back and forth with the owner and the price just kept getting higher.” Ray holds a Guinness World Record for having the biggest collection of two-headed animals, but he said Medusa is perfect because it does not have a kink on its body at the point where the two heads converge.

“It’s as if she was meant to have two heads,” he said. The snake’s first feeding was documented by National Geographic. The snake ate a frozen mouse and interestingly, the two heads did not compete for the food. Only one was active in eating the mouse, which is different from the fate of other two-headed snakes that end up eating themselves as they compete over food.

Ray fed them a mouse after returning to Venice Beach from Florida. He originally wanted to delay the feeding but noticed the snake was moving around a lot as if looking for food. Upon presenting the mouse, one of the heads yanked it away from Ray’s grasp. The left head then grabbed the rear of the mouse as the right continued to chew on its front.

Ray chopped the mice in two halves before allowing the heads to meet. Ray plans to put Medusa on display at the Venice Beach Freakshow beginning Saturday, and he anticipates a big crowd.