Man Decapitates Wife’s Head For Having An Affair With Her Son-in-law, Holds Her Severed Head On The Street


Police in India, were called after a man was seen walking with his wife’s head in his hand. Someone took video of the husband walking down the street with the severed head of his wife after he beheaded her at their home. According to police, 60-year-old Ramchandra Sheu Chavan said that he killed his wife because he suspected her of having an affair with their son-in-law.

In the video, Chavan was seen walking with 2 people while he was holding the woman’s head in one hand and the ax used in the attack on the other.

The video of the incident also shows several passersby apparently unaware of the horror nearby. However, the two men who were walking beside the suspect seemed to nervously glance in his direction. The short clip was recorded in the city of Pune, and it sent shock waves through the local community. The 45-year-old husband was arrested on charges of murder.



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