Fuel Scarcity: Long Queues At Filling Stations Will Disappear Once NASS Approves N413bn Subsidy Payments, Says NNPC

FUEL-SCARCITYThe long and endless queues at most petrol filling stations across the country will disappear within a week once the National Assembly approves N413 billion subsidy payments to oil marketers, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on Wednesday said.

The Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division of the NNPC, Ohi Alegbe, made this known in an interview with Raypower FM Abuja.

Fuel queues at filling stations across states and the Federal Capital Territory have become common sight with no solution in sight even as pump prices have skyrocketed far above the government regulated prices in many places.

But Mr. Alegbe said the NNPC is partnering with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to ensure stations are not selling above the N87 official rate.

The Corporation in its Twitter handle quoted Mr. Algebe as saying, “We urge Nigerians to report any instances of hoarding. We urge all marketers to also cooperate with NNPC in ensuring that fuel is made available to all stations and Nigerians”.