Naeto C – “One Of My Northern Traditional Caps Costs N45K”


Self acclaimed only Nigerian rapper with an Msc, Naetochukwu Chikwe has opened up on how much he buys his caps, he said they go for N45,000.

The 10/10 singer, whose hit single Tony Montana featuring D’Banj was recently banned, revealed that while he was much younger and unmarried, he was fond of the Hausa traditional cap that he spent so much acquiring them.

Naeto further said he had as much as 70 pieces of the cap and could afford to give it out to a fan after a show or even dump it after one use.

In his words, “I lived in Abuja and I was around a lot of Hausa people so they influenced me. I remember one time I went for a show with Mo’hits then and Don Jazzy wore a Hausa cap, I felt it was cool and I started wearing it.”

Speaking further, ‘I had a lot. I had about 70 of them and those caps are not cheap. The least expensive one I bought was about N45, 000. They have some that cost as much as N120, 000. There is one they call Senator and that is what our senators wear. Those ones cost about N30, 000. They are not cheap at all. Back then, I could afford to buy them because I was still a bachelor and I did not have any responsibility. There was no mouth to feed so I could buy a cap for N50, 000 and after a show, I would dump it at home or give it out to a fan.’

On why he decided to dump the trend, which he helped popularised among his peer and upcoming music acts, the son to former Nigerian minister, Kema Chikwe said, ‘It was when everybody else started wearing the cap. I just felt it was a fashion trend I started and as everybody else had followed suit, I realised it was time to create another trend. Life is all about growth and if I was still wearing a Hausa cap till now, then it means that I did not grow. I felt I should leave the trend for the younger ones.