EXPOSED: New Niger Delta Minister Usani Committed Murder In 1996 – Report

Pastor Usani Usani Uguru

Pastor Uguru Usani Uguru from Cross River State was just sworn in as a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria, yesterday, but he already has a case to answer.

According to a petition signed by Jenny Iwara Osuaya, wife of one Mr. Iwara Osuaya, a Chairmanship contestant in May 1996, in Cross River State, Usani and others murdered her husband in 1996.

In a Wednesday report by Pointblanknews, a petition, numbered 673, on the allegation had been filed at the Oputa Panel in 2001.

Usani, who allegedly supported another candidate in the 1996 election, was said to have promised offsetting Osuaya’s election expenses. But when Osuaya went to collect the promised compensation, a fracas ensued which resulted in his death.

The assailants were said to have been arrested by the police but Mr. Usani who was a member of the Cross Rivers State Executive Council used his influence to suppress investigation into the matter. However, the preliminary investigation report indicted Usani and others but the police did not prosecute them. The preliminary report was admitted in evidence as Exhibit 2.

In view of this, the Commission reportedly ordered the Inspector-General of Police to constitute another panel to conduct fresh investigation into the matter. But as Pointblanknews reported, the case became a “cold case” after the Oputa Panel.

No dust has been raised yet by the revelation but with the anti-corruption and anti-impunity stand of the present administration, security agencies are expected to look into the matter and reopen the case if they find any substance in it.

Usani, who was once a commissioner in Cross Rivers State was, yesterday, sworn in as Minister for Niger Delta.



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