Believe Me When I Say I Hate Corruption And I’ve Never Taken Bribe – Amaechi

Rotimi Amaechi, Transportation Minister
Rotimi Amaechi, Transportation Minister

Newly appointed Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Ameachi on Wednesday assured that his tenure as Minister will be devoid of corruption and impunity.

The former Rivers State governor, who was received at the ministry of Transportation by the Permanent Secretary, and directors said he knows nothing about the ministry but was ready to learn.

“I am open to being taught for the next one month starting from next Tuesday to look into the budget. This job will be to listen so as to be abreast with the policies of the ministry,” he said.

Amaechi stressed the importance of rail transportation, noting that the construction of rails will reduce the unemployment rate in the country and help for easy movement of agricultural produce.

“For me that will be the easiest way of transportation. We also want to be sure that people that are handling rail transportation are capable of taking that responsibility, if there are railways in which construction has commenced but has not been completed, we must plan to complete them and extend to as many part of the country as possible especially areas that are active in agriculture to enhance agriculture.”

Speaking further, Amaechi stressed that the era of impunity was over. He said faulty aircraft should not be allowed to fly just as drivers with expired licenses would be stopped from driving to safeguard human lives.

He urged the staff not to disappoint Nigerians who think that their lots should be improved, noting that it is important to realize that they have a mandate and huge competition among other minsters and ministries on who will deliver first or last.

“The Ministry of Transportation will not want to be the last. Work will resume next week Tuesday due to the fact that the Permanent Secretary is also new in office,” Amaechi said.

He also said that nobody should approach him for money as he will neither give nor receive. He, therefore, called on Nigerians to believe him when he says he hates corruption and has never taken bribe.