Man Return Book Borrowed From Library In 1967 In 2016


A UPS package delivered to Herrick District Library contained a book that had been checked out of the library since 1967. The package also included a note that explained the sender was a student at Hope College at the time and was possibly researching World War II when they forgot to return the book.

“Somewhere along the way it got mixed up with my personal things and put into a trunk and shipped back to New York,” the unidentified man wrote. “I have moved the trunk many times but until recently never opened it. Upon doing so, I found your book.” The man also included an undisclosed amount of money to make up for the overdue book fees he would have accumulated throughout the years.

“Please accept the book and my modest donation to cover what I am sure is a tremendous fine,” he wrote. Herrick District Library director Diane Kookier declined to disclose the man’s identity nor the amount of money he sent but expressed her gratitude for the gesture.

“It more than covered the cost of the book,” she told Michigan Live. “We enjoyed the trip down memory lane and realize that there are good, honest people who have inadvertently misplaced a book.”